Bussaco Owner Accuses Ex-Chef Katy Sparks of Trying to Destroy His Business

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Bussaco owner Scott Carney was quite vocal when he parted ways with opening chef Matthew Schaefer, and now that his relationship with more recent chef Katy Sparks has gone sour, he’s really opening his mouth. Last week Eater floated an anonymous rumor that Bussaco is in trouble (plummeting sales, bouncing checks), and today Carney tells the Brooklyn Paper that his business, which is doing quite well thank you very much, is being “endangered with gossip and lies.” Sparks, he tells the paper, “is exploiting your medium [print media] in a malicious and libelous manner to destroy my family’s business.” That said, he wishes her well!

‘Sparks’ fly at Bussaco! Owner responds: We’re being defamed! [Brooklyn Paper]