Bug-Filled Tacos Crawl Over to Echo Park

Tacos de chapulines
Tacos de chapulines Photo: William.Neuheisel via Flickr

Interested in eating insect tacos? If you live in the right Oaxacan-influenced neighborhood, you can buy chapulines by the bag and hope you fare better than Eric Greenspan in preparing the little hoppers. Or you can come eat edible insect tacos for five dollars at Machine Project next Friday, during its “Bug Eat Bug” event. Eating L.A. promises these are “gourmet bug tacos,” while Critter founders Phil Ross and Lauren Allen swear that the wax moth larvae they will bring are “delectable” and taste and feel just like crispy bacon. There’s only space for 40 guests to munch this collection of digestible creepy-crawlies, so if you’re feeling brave, sign up online for the March 12th event. And someone please let us know if and when the concept for an insect-serving food truck (Bugged Out?) arrives.

Bug tacos at Machine Project next Friday! [Eating L.A.]