BREAKING SCANDAL: Camac Wears ‘Bloggers Suck’ Shirt TWICE

Photo: Helen Rosner; Gothamist

This story is still developing and we haven’t yet been able to reach Fatty ‘Cue partner Colin Camac for comment, but a source close to an insider who slept with a publicist posing as a tipster has given us the following EXCLUSIVE REVEAL: Before wearing a “Bloggers Suck” T-shirt to the soft opening of Fatty ‘Cue last night, Camac wore it to Cochon 555 last year. BOOM! See above for stunning EXCLUSIVE photographic evidence of the double-wear. Can I has some wardrobe FAIL, pleez? What’s more, Camac is drinking a PBR, which is a beer that David Chang also drinks (the Changgity-Changdog, a.k.a. the Original Changster, was recently injured in a mile-high boiling-water spill —no joke — and couldn’t be reached for comment, we’re assuming). A whisper of a rumor of a rumbling in the food world indicates Camac may wear the shirt again. We’ve dispatched a team of operatives flanked by a roving reporter aided by an intern posing as an industry vet to get a sneak peek, or if not that then a first look or at the very least an early look into the broom closet at Fatty ‘Cue, to determine whether our spy shots show the same shirt or whether Camac just has two shirts that say the same thing. Either way, it’s safe to say this is a potential GAME-CHANGER. Plus, Keith McNally. BOOM!