Bobby Flay Rides the PATH for a Cuban-Sandwich Throwdown

Azucar's Cuban sandwich Photo: Courtesy of Azucar

Jersey City has been getting some love from New Yorkers lately. A new sweets truck appeared outside of the Whitney Biennial, Robert Sietsema recently praised South Indian restaurant Sapthagiri, and now were told Bobby Flay paid a visit to Newport Cuban joint Azucar for a Cuban-sandwich Throwdown that airs on the Food Network next Wednesday. So why cubanos in Jersey City and not Miami?

Azucars chef-owner, Cuban-born Nick Vazquez, tells us that indeed, Flay originally wanted to fly his crew to Miami, but a Food Network producer who happened to be a regular at Azucar convinced him to keep it local. According to Vazquez, film crews taped him over the course of a dozen hours for an unnamed project, and then asked if they could return for a live taping in front of an audience. Half an hour into it I see this guy walking through the door and I look at him and go, Jesus, thats Bobby Flay! My first reaction was Look at this, a celebrity from the Food Network is coming to see my show.

Over the course of the next couple of hours, Flays five chefs helped prepare his version of a Cuban, which Vazquez says wasnt exactly authentic he uses pork shoulder and pulls it in a southern kind of way. Vazquezs sandwich, meanwhile, is made with Nieman Ranch pork loin, fresh Virginia-baked ham with molasses, Swiss cheese with very small holes, and a soft water-based bread thats heavily coated in butter before it goes under a big press (Vazquez shuns panini presses).

You can taste it for yourself (and find out who wins) during a viewing party at Azucar next Wednesday night, when free samples will be doled out along with free wine to match.