Bloomberg Knocks Street Fairs; Restaurateurs Gentrify Brooklyn


• Get ready for fewer mozzarepas: Mayor Bloomberg wants to cut street fairs to trim the police budget. [1010 Wins]

• Restaurateurs are leading the gentrification of Brooklyn. [Brooklyn Paper]

• New York’s newest wave of coffee shops, like Stumptown and the forthcoming Blue Bottle, take brewing very seriously. [NYDN]

Soho House is purging hundreds of corporate members from its rolls. [NYP]

• London is becoming a serious coffee town, complete with award-winning baristas. [NYT]

• Plenty of adults still covet Easy-Bake Ovens. [Salon]

• Average grocery shoppers can almost perfectly predict what they’ll spend at the store, a new study finds. [NYT]

Otto and Momofuku Noodle Bar are just a few of the city’s late-night dining options. [NYP]

• A Brooklyn raw-milk devotee claims that the unpasteurized dairy cured her thyroid problem. [Brooklyn Paper]