As It Prepares to Open, a Look Back at Two Years of Fatty ’Cue

Photo: Food Curated

Brooklyn Based brings news that Fatty 'Cue may open March 21 (and possibly as soon as tomorrow) and reports back from a friends-and-family tasting that included smoked crab soup, a make-your-own-pork-bun plate, and a cucumber salad with sesame seeds. Of course, this isnt the first early taste the restaurant has offered. In fact, lets take a look back at all the potential menu items that have been mentioned (and eaten!) in the past two years.

February 29, 2008 Grub Street breaks news that Zak Pelaccio has teamed up with Robbie Richter and is planning:
Duck lacquered with red-chile curry

July 16, 2008 At a tasting, Fatty 'Cue debuts dishes such as:
A curry-cured Berkshire pork belly
Smoked lamb ribs long-marinated in a mix of potent Thai spices

August 24, 2008 In "Fall Preview," New York reports more potential menu items:
A smoked-fatback burger
Red-curry-cured bacon
Smoked beef brisket with a coconut-milk-and-black-pepper cure

August 26, 2008 Speaking to Metromix, Pelaccio imagines what a meal at Fatty 'Cue might look like:
Salad of raw shrimp cured with lime juice, fish sauce, minced garlic, cilantro and chili sauce, tossed with warm pig trotter.
Whipped lardo spread on bread with prosciutto
Pork ribs with a palm sugar and chili glaze
Goat brined in soy sauce finished with sesame oil, fresh cilantro and salted chilies
A rich bone broth made from bones and finished with grated galangal root and Chinese celery

July 21, 2009 At a Slow Food cook-off at Water Taxi Beach, the 'Cue debuts:
Chicken wings
A rye cocktail

October 4, 2009 Culinary Studio, Blondie and Brownie, and Serious Eats attend an Epicurious Entertains event where the following is served:
Smoked brisket bao with sweet cilantro sauce
House-smoked bacon and clams with dragon pullman bread
BBQ lamb shoulder with goat yogurt
Pork spare ribs with palm sugar fish sauce
Charred turnips and bitter greens with red curry
Cucumber salad
Nasi ulam
Bnh m

December 10, 2009
Food Curated gets a look at the smoker as it prepares:
Goat a couple of different ways
Bacon with Indonesian pepper
Lamb bacon rolled up with goat-beef lard

December 30, 2009 At Fatty Crab UWS, Robert Sietsema gets an early taste of:
A strip of smoked pork belly so tasty, it might have been smoked ten times.

January 1, 2010 The Fatty restaurants celebrate New Year's by serving previews of:
Pulled brisket
Clams and bacon
Smoked-crab soup

March 3, 2010 Always Hungry goes to Fatty UWSs anniversary and gets a chance to taste:
House-cured guanciale with lemongrass salad
Smoked brisket with chili jam on dragon Pullman toast
The Cue Cocktail with Wrey and Nephew Overproof rum, smoked pine, Tabasco, Yuzu, Pernod
Hunter S. Cocktail with Buffalo Traca Bourbon, St. Germain, Campari, and Orange

And now, we wait for the final menu and for utter chaos to descend on South Williamsburg.

Update: And Now, Feast Your Eyes on Fatty Cues Almost-Final Menu