Area Turning into Burger and Stripper Pole-Equipped ‘Industry’ This Saturday

Michael Mina's sliders at SBE's XIV
Michael Mina’s sliders at SBE’s XIV Photo: Hadley Tomicki

We can hardly hide our glee upon hearing that Area is being scrapped for a place with a walk-up burger bar this Saturday, even if the beef might come tainted with the bitter tears of rejected club-goers past. But before you unfold your napkin, bear in mind this is still going to be an SBE-controlled slice of real estate. Despite the blessing of gourmet burgers, the spot is coming with the already douche-drenched name “Industry” and Eater reports it’s a full-on art-deco nightclub with multiple bars, indoor and outdoor nooks, V.I.P. rooms, and super-secret deluxe V.I.P. rooms. There will also be “performance poles,” which are hopefully just preparation for an artsy Cirque du Soleil bit and not the last stop on many a promising acting career. Can we find anything nice to say? White blueberry cocktails sound really good and the company’s track record with food hasn’t been too shabby. Your first opportunity to endure Industry’s massive lines comes this Saturday, please don’t expect anyone to sympathize if your “friend is already inside.” 643 N. La Cienega. West Hollywood.

Area Doneski: SBE Debuts Industry This Weekend with Gourmet Burger Bar and Performance Poles [Eater]