Are Jersey’s Food Bloggers Bigger and Badder?

Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City.
Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City. Photo: Courtesy of Zeppelin Hall

If you thought the New Jersey culinary scene amounted to “mountain people” cooking squirrel meat, think again! It’s actually thriving. In fact, there are even food blogs in New Jersey! Or so the Times informs us. Of course, we already suspected as much (in addition to the ones the Old Gray Lady mentions, you might check out A Life Vicarious), but is it a little hard to swallow that our Joisey counterparts might just be bigger and better? Says some guy who was formerly at Kellari Taverna and is now at some restaurant somewhere over there: “I’ve been in the restaurant business my whole life in New York City, and in New York City restaurant bloggers don’t exist on the level they do in New Jersey … Here, bloggers are extremely well versed in the industry … They’re very well educated.”

A Vibrant Culture of Food Blogging [NYT]