Allen & Delancey Finally Closes

Photo: Julie Mack

Forget the trouble at Ryan Skeen’s new restaurant — there are even worse snafus at his old joint, Allen & Delancey. In fact, Eater reports that the restaurant, which declared bankruptcy last summer, has finally closed. A former bartender tells that site: “I was just informed that they have been ordered closed today by the State of NY. Any tips on how I go about attempting to collect the $1,100 they owe me in credit card tips???” However, the GM told us the decision came from proprietor Richard Friedberg, who “decided the business wasn’t viable anymore.” Just a week after it came to light that a jilted bride is suing his Cortlandt Manor resort for botching her reception, you can add this to the list of Friedberg’s headaches.

Could This Be the Final Nail in the Coffin for Allen & Delancey [Eater NY]