A St. Marks Stroll: Pizzanini, Stromboli, Dallas BBQ, and DOB 111

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Rainbow Falafel (now known as Cheeps) isnt the only St. Marksarea joint getting an upgrade. Check out the fancy new signage at slice stalwarts Pizzanini and Stromboli. In the past couple of months, the latter expanded and added six tables to what used to be just a takeout operation. A worker there says the menu hasnt changed, but it may. Clearly Ninos has some catching up to do. Nearby, Dallas BBQ (now almost two decades old) is renovating its front room, which will reopen with the same menu but a spiffier new look in about four weeks. In the meantime, the back room is open for your Texas-size pleasure. Of course, the blocks real newcomer is Michael Huynhs DOB 111, which is now serving lamb-brain ravioli, daikon-duck hash, and pandan flan to BYOBers.