Will Cookbooks Die at the Hand of the iPad?

Will this bookshelf replace the one in your kitchen?
Will this bookshelf replace the one in your kitchen? Photo: Courtesy of Apple

The launch of the iPad last month sent ripples through pretty much every facet of the book publishing industry, and now it’s worked its way down to cookbooks. Considering that most portable electronic recipe sources (the Kindle, recipe-specific devices like the Demy) have pretty much failed to take off as cookbook alternatives, Chow editor Lessley Anderson wonders whether Apple’s latest toy, with its sleek interface and pretty, pretty graphics, is finally going to be the device that tears the home cooking crowd away from both recipe websites and paper-and-glue cookbooks. With the possibility of iTunes-style individual recipe downloads and recipe-specific instructional videos (though nothing flash-based, guys), this could be the cross-platform breakthrough the industry has been waiting for (if not necessarily hoping for). Would you give up your cookbooks in favor of on-screen recipe content?

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