What to Eat on the Carnival Menu at Wings Express

Photo: lisa_at_home2002/Flickr

Sure, Wings Express has long been a reliable source for wings, but now they want to be your deep-fried Oreo purveyor as well. The Brighton shop has added a line of “carnival food” to its offerings, “for,” as the menu helpfully explains, “those times when your heart aches to ride the roller coaster, but your body’s stuck in the city.” The selections pay homage to the Topsfield Fair/Dedham carnival eats of your childhood. They’d also be excellent drunk fare.

Carnival Food
Deep-Fried Oreos double stuffed oreo cookies dipped in a coco-infused batter and deep fried till golden brown, then sprinkled with confectioners sugar 3.95
Fabulous Fried Dough handmade old fashioned dough kneaded and stretched and deep fried till golden brown, then sprinkled with your choice of powdered sugar or cinnamon & sugar (1 pc) 2.95 (2 pcs dlx) 4.95
Deep-Fried Snickers the snickers bar is dipped in a semi-sweet batter and deep-fried till golden brown. eating this irresistible confection was what really got Adam & eve thrown out of the garden 1.95
Corn Dog a homemade corn dog can’t be beat as comfort food; please specify what condiments you’d like to enjoy with your dog 1.95