Video: Getting High With the Frankies


After getting David Chang wasted and having him make pork buns, Vice one-ups itself by getting the Frankies high and having them make meatballs. Watch as they drop into Roberta’s, where a heavy-lidded Falcinelli says, “The one thing that’s awesome about being in the restaurant business and coming to restaurants is that you can order, like, a salad and then you get 40 entrées. If you’re working 90 hours, and you’re incessantly worrying about your business, the least you can do is go to another restaurant and get a bunch of free shit.”

But the Frankies know how to take care of their hosts. On the way to Motorino, Falcinelli says, “The Roberta’s crew has just ingested more THC than they’ve ever ingested.” Back at their own Frankies 457 Spuntino, Castronovo confesses, over a “finally doobie,” “Truthfully, I’d like to go out being known as the Grateful Dead of food.” Well, he’s got the Jerry Garcia beard …

Frankies Spuntino [VBS]