Video: GAME DAY With Lure’s Josh Capon


If anything’s going to beat the Frankies tooling around Brooklyn high as a kite, it’s Lure chef Josh “I Always Have a Good Time” Capon bellowing “GAME DAY!” repeatedly as he shows you how to make guacamole and pico de gallo, chicken lollipops, burgers, and other Super Bowl staples. Or you can just get yourself invited to his annual Super Bowl party — if you’re a dude, that is. “We actually made a pretty big decision and cut the wives out,” he tells Nightline, “because they really just got in the way. They didn’t watch the game, they didn’t care about the game, and not only am I feeding my boys, I gotta worry about them over there, you know, getting the Diet Cokes and, you know, ‘Do you have any salad?’” I’m like, ‘This is just all wrong.’” Do not miss his touchdown dance at the end.

Platelist: Chef Josh Capon on Super Bowl Sunday [ABC]