Travis Barker Flips on Photographer at Marmalade Cafe; Kim Kardashian Gets Her Own Cupcake

Travis Barker and friends presumably not about to kick the shit out of a photographer
Travis Barker and friends presumably not about to kick the shit out of a photographer Photo: via Flickr

For all the celebrity shenanigans that go down in Hollywood (DUIs, underwear flashing), major drama always seems to be saved for restaurant parking lots in the ‘burbs. Travis Barker failed to learn a lesson from this week’s conviction of Sean Penn for assaulting a photographer at Brentwood Country Mart (what is it about this fancy part of town that makes celebrities so violent?). The Blink 182 drummer was trying to enjoy a meal with his daughter at Marmalade Cafe in Calabassas but ended up telling a photographer he was going to “kick the shit” of him. Like most dudes who want-to-be-startin’-something in SoCal, he called buddies for backup and the cops broke up a potential brawl. But besides Paris Hilton possibly skipping a tip, celebrity dining in and around Hollywood was rather celebratory and refined. Take a look.

Boa: Twilight Taylor Lautner supped with his parents. [People]

Carl’s Jr.: iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove grabbed some fast-food for lunch. [Teen Daily]

Dan Tana’s: Paris Hilton and her beau had a bday party for the heiress. [Celebrity-Gossip]

Famous Cupcakes: Kim Kardashian unveiled her own flavor, “Va-Va-Va-Nilla.” [People]

Katsuya: Hillary Duff showed off her reported $1 million engagement ring after vacationing in Hawaii. [Just Jared JR.]

Kitchen 24: Jennifer Love Hewitt enjoyed some veggie chili. [People]

Marmalade Café: Travis Barker allegedly confronted paparazzi, threatening to “kick the shit” out of one of them. [Access Hollywood]

Tea Room: Paris Hilton was accused of not tipping the waitstaff. [CelebSlam]

Teddy’s: Ryan Phillippe partied with “female clubgoers.” [People]

Villa Blanca: Dakota Fanning turned the party out with 40 or so pals for her 16th birthday. [Digital Spy]