The Subwayization of Manhattan Continues

Photo: Daniel Maurer

After setting five-dollar foot in the Bowery, Subway has now opened in another neighborhood of ill repute, Hell’s Kitchen. G. E. Cuzins, the meat market that opened in the late eighties at 520 Ninth Avenue, near 39th Street, has been replaced by the green monster, and where alligator meat and suckling pigs were once sold, you can now get a pastrami sub advertised as having “old-style taste” (we’d call this delicious irony, but Subway is not delicious). So both meat markets on the block are goners (Michael’s, a couple of doors down, was the other, and there was the Al Medina Halal Meat Market at 526 Ninth Avenue), but at least there’s still G Esposito and Sons nearby.

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