The L.A. Times Is Already Over Offal

Pig ears
Pig ears Photo: Scaredy_Kat via Flickr

Although The L.A. Times states that it celebrates the local movement of “elevating peasant dishes made from an animal’s nasty bits,” the paper also calls the growing culinary trends towards offal “Overrated” in Sunday’s Calendar section. Apparently some scribe there would deem it proper for some of our city’s most thrilling chefs–think Octavio Becerra, Josef Centeno, Remi Lauvand, and Ilan Hall–to show restraint in serving “pig ears, kidneys, and calf brains,” despite these foods’ longstanding popularity worldwide and our growing global population in L.A. Due to chefs’ daring and frequent customer (peasant or otherwise) demand for such foodstuffs, we think we’ll see an uptick in offal well before it vanishes voluntarily. What do you think of eating these meats? We’d love to know in the comments.

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