The ‘Best Pizza in America’ Is in … Phoenix?

Photo: Courtesy of Every Day with Rachael Ray

Earlier we reported that Ed Levine and Adam Kuban, writing for Every Day with Rachael Ray, had narrowed their favorite pizza in the country down to four: Pizzeria Mozza, Great Lake, Motorino, and Pizzeria Bianco. And the winner is: Phoenix’s Pizzeria Bianco, which Levine had already said was his national favorite in A Slice of Heaven (so much for all the money Rachael Ray blew shuttling these guys around the country). Diner’s Journal describes this as “a tough loss for New York pizza supremacy,” but the truth is, Chris Bianco is actually a Bronx native, so Levine and Kuban don’t have to feel like they betrayed their hometown.

It’s Pizza Oscar for Bianco, Says Rachael Ray [Diner’s Journal/NYT]