Street Vendors Refuse to Take Lack of Bathroom Breaks Sitting Down


The Street Vendor Project sends word that Mohammed Shirajul Islam, the roasted-nut vendor whose permit was recently revoked while he left his cart unattended during a bathroom break (something that’s in violation of revised health codes enacted January 1), will lead a protest in front of DOH headquarters this morning at 10 a.m. Today’s Post item about the incident (headline: “City to Street Vendors: Urine Trouble”) explains that a colon tumor caused Islam to need to use the restroom urgently, and that he’ll now be without a permit for at least ten days. It’s all because the Health Department considers unattended dirty-water dogs an “imminent health hazard.” Funny — some consider even attended ones a health hazard! Anyway, this is clearly a case of the city failing to look out for the wee man.

City to street vendors: Urine big trouble [NYP]