Stephen Hanson Will Transform Vento Into Another Dos Caminos

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Vento, the meatpacking restaurant that opened with Michael White in the kitchen but has since fallen into the shadows of countless other Italian newcomers, including Scarpetta across the street, will close after this Sunday, Diner’s Journal reports. Perpetual shape-shifter Stephen Hanson will reopen it two months later as another location of Dos Caminos.

Given that Vento boasts one of the largest outdoor cafés in the city, this will certainly be an outdoor-marg destination — regardless of what Philip Ward thinks of the quality of the product. So, will 675 Bar, underneath Vento, morph into an underground lair à la La Esquina or Los Feliz? No reason to believe it will, but if you steal the idea from us, Steve, we want some shares in B.R. Guest.

Hanson to Replace Vento With a Dos Caminos [Diner’s Journal/NYT]