Slideshow: Scenes from The Street Food Fest

Street food?

Saturday’s Street Food Fest was not the best place to learn about authentic L.A. street eats, which could be found blocks away skirting the Fashion District. Nor was this your best chance to sample bites from the city’s trendy new food trucks, which were there en masse doing what they could to satisfy an overload of attendees. This was, however, the place to gauge just what people will endure to be part of the craze of mobile munching. Thousands of people waited two hours in the sun just to get inside, with additional waits of up to an hour or more just to eat at any given truck. Despite the cluster-crush of people, there were few audible grumblings and organizers did something right in staving off a riot when they turned thousands more away. Still, we suggest dotting the landscape next time with the very edibles we’d hoped would be there–non-wheeled vendors selling churros, quesadillas, atole, and tamales. This will connect the event closer to the “street” and induce much less starvation. Check out our slideshow of what you missed or suffered on Saturday.