SLA to Kenmare: Big Brother Is Watching

Photo: Cooper Marshall

Yesterday Gawker got the blogs buzzing when it said a restaurant vet named Mikes apartment had become an underground hot spot. The Village Voice took the bait and sniffed out the location, and its safe to say its chances of being the next Beatrice are kaput. Meanwhile, another next Beatrice, Kenmare, has joined the ranks of nightspots that are under scrutiny.

The Daily News quotes the State Liquor Authoritys deputy chief executive officer as saying the Authority is playing very close attention to the restaurant (specifically, whether its a club masquerading as an eatery) after Fashion Week parties rankled at least one upstairs neighbor. Dont even think about dancing here! This has to be a new low, and clearly a result of the SLAs increased toe-hold in Manhattan a venue catching heat from the dance police even before it opens?

Underground parties land cool new Nolita club Kenmare in hot water [NYDN]