Sifton Raises Novitá From Anonymity; Sietsema Calls Roman’s ‘Spectacular’


“In any other metropolis in North America, [Novitá] would be well known among that city’s best places to eat,” Sam Sifton declares. “The pastas are just ridiculous: perfectly prepared, full of flavor, a rejoinder to low expectations.” [NYT]

“Despite ordering confusion — and the bittersweet reflection that, if you adore a dish you’ve eaten, you’ll never see it again — the food at Roman’s can be spectacular,” says Robert Sietsema. Beware the “ungodly din,” however. [VV]

Gael Greene had a bad burger at Five Napkin Burger UWS, but the rest of her artery-clogging meal was good. “Of course I’ll be back,” she asserts. [Insatiable Critic]

“Instead of the Spotted Pig’s veneer of British reserve, the Breslin projects a certain swagger,” writes Andrea Thompson, who finds that the menu “reads a bit like Dickens.” [NYer]

“Despite serious prices, neither restaurant puts its art institution on the dining-out map,” says Jay Cheshes of Robert at MAD and the Wright at the Guggenheim. [TONY]