RockSugar Chef Teaches Thai Fundamentals

Chef Ismail Mohan
Chef Ismail Mohan

Singapore-born chef Ismail Mohan has eaten his way through Southeast Asia extensively, tours that motivated the former Tabla, Blue Hill, and Spice Market chef to partner in opening Century City’s RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen, which explores, melds, and highlights the region’s different culinary themes, ingredients, and standout recipes. To spread his knowledge beyond the dining room, Mohan is starting regular classes to teach guests how to cook Southeast Asian eats, teaming the sessions with personal stories of his travels and encounters with each dish.

This month, Mohan will teach students how to prepare the ideal Thai meal in a “Foods From Thailand” cooking class. This will be a straight-forward look at the basics of pad thai, sticky mango rice, coconut chicken soup, and Thai ice tea. Mohan has his own sweet, sour, and spicy flavor profiles he likes to play with in his dishes and will show-off a clever turn or two, like the spicy grapefruit he adds in a crab salad. Fortunately, it’s not all work, you do get to eat the meal with Mohan and four West Coast wines at the end.

The February 27th class costs $100 a person and runs from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at RockSugar. Reservations can be made at 310-552-9988.