Resy Scalpers Ruin Valentine’s Day

Photo: Courtesy of DBGB

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, an Atlanta restaurant owner was peeved to discover that a now defunct website,, was scalping Valentine’s Day resies in that city as well as in New York, Miami, and Napa Valley. The site promoted its reservations on Craigslist. Combing Craigslist New York we can’t find anything posted by 911reservations, but some dude is selling a Friday-night DBGB resy for $25! You can’t blame restaurant owners for being rather terrified of this — if the scalper fails to sell the resy it’s no skin off his back, but meanwhile, the restaurant is put in a jam. Especially if a scalper has snatched up multiple tables on the same night. But are the scalpers really going to find this business model viable? Just think of all the time they’d have to blow on food blogs to find out which restaurants are hot …

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