Pizza Slices: Movies at Co., Rumblings at Totonno’s, and the Best Pie in America

Photo: Okreitz’s Flickr page

Since Alan Richman’s list of top 25 pizzerias in the country clearly failed to settle the eternal argument (he caught a lot of flack for omitting Di Fara, among other things), Every Day with Rachael Ray sent Adam Kuban of Slice and Ed Levine of Serious Eats jetting around the country. In a list of 64 that isn’t yet available online, they named Motorino (also not on Richman’s list) as the No. 1 pie on the East Coast (the overall winner has not yet been named), and also gave shout-outs to Kesté, Lucali, Di Fara, Franny’s, and Fornino.

Their No. 1 West Coast pick was Pizzeria Mozza, their South-Southwest favorite was Pizzeria Bianco, and in the Midwest their money was on Great Lake of Chicago. Interesting that with the exception of Lucali and Co. (which, incidentally, writes in to tell us that it’s starting its monthly movie night next Monday by pairing Les Blank’s Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers with a special garlic-inspired pie at 9:30 p.m.), none of this list’s New York favorites correspond with Richman’s. And with the exception of Di Fara, there aren’t any old-school favorites such as Totonno’s, which Richman had named and Lost City confirmed yesterday has still not reopened after the fire there (a commenter observers they were due to open this week, but apparently no dice).

Pizza Slices: Movies at Co., Rumblings at Totonno’s, and the Best Pie in