Nut Roasters Rare in NYC; Organic Farms in the Minority


There are a lot of places to buy nuts in New York City, but few places to roast them anymore. [NYT]

Organic farms sold $3.16 billion worth of food in 2008, even though they comprise fewer than one percent of American farms, according to a USDA survey. [WSJ]

The next step in the evolution of vending machines: touchscreens! [WaPo]

The Burger King value menu attracted so many customers that profits this quarter are up 13 percent. [USA Today]

The number of restaurants in the U.S. continues to fall, however it's now falling at a slower rate than at this time last year. [NRN]

The USDA hopes to offset Super Bowlrelated food poisoning by advising people to adhere to food-safety rules while cooking. [CNBC]

The European Union is considering a commercial fishing ban on bluefin tuna. [NYT]

China's provincial governments tended to shield local dairies from punishment over tainted milk, leading to the current reemergence of the scandal. [AP via NYT]

British soldiers in Afghanistan subsisted on nothing but Spam for three weeks after their supply helicopter was shot down. [Guardian UK]