NBC New York Launches Feast


Feast, the blog that NBC New York promoted by putting starred chefs into food trucks, launched today. It’s most notable feature is a list of the top 101 restaurants akin to the Platt 101 and the Eater 38, except it ranks contenders based on everything from Facebook fan pages to indie and professional reviews (the formula is somewhat perplexing — Motorino got a four-point boost from its Times review while Raoul’s, a noted favorite of editor Ben Leventhal’s, got an eight-point boost from a Dining Brief). With two posts already filed on Michael Bao, it looks like they’re gunning to steal him from Eater as their court jester. The standout post so far: Mathieu Palombino quibbling with Sam Sifton’s one-star review of Motorino: “I had hoped for a very good. If you serve city’s best pizza, in my mind, you deserve two stars.”

Feast [NBC New York]