NBC Launches Feast in L.A.


Yesterday NBC launched a new L.A. food blog, Feast, following a recent launch in Miami and NYC under editor and Eater co-founder Ben Leventhal. While the site is a little too busy up top, with a real-time rating system ranking current restaurants through a strange formula that turns critical and social media reviews into numerical data (didn’t we turn to food writing to avoid math?), Feast’s best assets come in the form of established journalistic talent from two well-known food scene locals. So who is running the show at Feast?

Carole Dixon, a freelance travel writer and editor of Wallpaper’s L.A. guide, is serving as editor while Joshua Lurie, of esteemed Food GPS and his own NBC segments, provides backup with daily stories. So far, Feast has given us a peak into Eric Greenspan’s coming grilled cheese empire, sampled some dishes from SoHo House, and given us one helluva smoldering Kristofer Keith shot while revealing his plans for a Cajun restaurant. While you give it a look, we promise to let you know if and when we can figure out what exactly a 74 means for Mozza or if RH at Andaz’$2 45 spells trouble.

Feast Los Angeles [NBC]