Motorino Feels the Love; the Allure of Pop-Up Restaurants


• Taking the Valentine’s Day pizza upscale, Motorino is also doing a heart-shaped pizza this weekend. [Slice/SeriousEats]
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• British model and food personality Sophie Dahl has been having nightmares about food all her life, including one in which she is chased by mashed potatoes. [NYP]

• Pop-up restaurants allow chefs to test out experimental concepts without having to be distracted by long-term leases or bottom lines. [NYT]

• California is attempting to figure out a way for food stamps to be accepted at farmers’ markets. [Philly Inquirer]

• A new packaging technique from Israel can extend the shelf life of sushi by up to five days. [FPD]

• McDonald’s is jumping into the smoothie game, launching its strawberry-banana and wild-berry versions at Vancouver-area outlets during the Olympics. [NRN]