Montreal Bagel Drop Begins Saturday in Brooklyn

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Noah Bernamoff’s Mile End Deli carries Montreal bagels, but they’ll be even fresher beginning this Saturday. Two of Bermanoff’s friends from high school, Joel Tietolman and Jon Leitner, will go to the famed St-Viateur Bagel at midnight and pick up several dozen bagels, and then drive them to New York City. The trip takes about seven hours, says the duo. The deli sells the bagels, but also serves as a pick-up point for anyone who has preordered via the Mile End Montreal Bagel website. “We are looking for other locations to make distribution agreements,” Tietolman and Leitner told Grub Street via e-mail.

The bagels come in sesame and poppy-seed varities, and cost $12 for six and $22 for a dozen. Preordering on the website results in a $2 discount per dozen. (These prices are just for the special Saturday delivery; Mile End will continue to replenish its bagel stocks through a courier throughout the rest of the week.) Tietolman and Leitner have cleared their bagel export operation with both the U.S. customs and the FDA, so crossing the border with a car full of bagels is a lot less like international espionage than we’d like to imagine. “Also worthy to note that bagels fall under NAFTA,” Tietolman adds.