Midtown Lunch Takes L.A.

Jonathan Gold will be referred to as "The Guru" on Brooks' blog
Jonathan Gold will be referred to as “The Guru” on Brooks’ blog Photo: Ubray02 via Flickr

Zach Brooks, founder of New York’s Midtown Lunch blog, which offers unique and cheap mid-day meal suggestions for the working stiff, has moved to Los Angeles. His exploration of our city’s dining scene is set to start today or Monday, Squid Ink tells us, having supplied Brook’s with his own “Guru,” Jonathan Gold. As for his own role on our dining/blogging turf, Brooks doesn’t mince words, reiterating a sentiment he recently shared with Grub Street, “I am perfectly aware that nobody in L.A. knows what Midtown Lunch is and don’t give a shit. The food blog scene in L.A. is amazing. I’m not really filling any sort of giant void in the L.A. food scene and I’m fully aware of it.” If hearing some New York straight-talk already has you feeling refreshed, stay fixed on Brook’s blog, where a Gold-influenced dispatch from L.A. is due to appear.

Midtown Lunch Comes to L.A.: An Interview with Zach Brooks [Squid Ink]