Maury Rubin Sees Connection Between Drinking Hot Chocolate and Knitting Sweaters

Manny the Marshmallow
Manny the Marshmallow Photo: Courtesy of City Bakery

The eighteenth annual City Bakery hot-chocolate festival is in full swing, punctuating bleak winter with a different flavor daily. But every year, chef-owner Maury Rubin devotes one night to a special, usually eccentrically themed celebration, and this year’s might be the most eccentric yet. The Night of Knitting on February 18 combines food, all-you-can-drink hot chocolate, and hot chocolate–themed knitting workshops. Why, exactly? In Rubin’s own words: “I was minding my own business in the store one morning, watching this woman knit. And I thought, knitting feels like hot chocolate.

For this special event, the bakery has partnered with six knitting businesses, including Gotta Knit, Knitty City, and Wool and the Gang, who will offer a yarn-spinning demo plus workshops on how to make a mug cozy and a marshmallow hat. The $30 admission (buy tickets here) includes ten flavors of hot chocolate, beer on tap, and solid food like shrimp and grits, macaroni and cheese, and sandwiches. For inspiration, here’s a shot of unofficial mascot Manny the Marshmallow photographed, according to Rubin, “in the manner of an Irving Penn portrait.”