Mark’s Tar Pit Marketing Didn’t A-Peel to Audrey Saunders

Mark Peel being a media-personality
Mark Peel being a media-personality Photo: Hadley Tomicki

The sudden departure of Audrey Saunders from Mark Peel’s Tar Pit has (so far) revealed no screaming matches or muddlers thrown across the supper club in anger, but is repeatedly being described as “a parting of ways.” Today, The New York Times’ Diner’s Journal gets closer to the sources of friction as Saunders explains the “creative differences” that caused her leave. “Mark is also a media personality…[We] are all very low-key individuals when it comes to promotion. It’s not our style to promote our beverage program through cable programs, etc.– and that became a stumbling block for us.” Cable programs, huh? Guess we could be seeing a Saunders-less Tar Pit on this season’s Top Chef Masters where Peel is promised to return.

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