Luzzo’s Goes West

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Luzzos Michele Iuliano, whose business card reads, Owner-Founder Executive Pizzaiolo, has been awfully busy these past months. Last week, we told you about the excellent square pizza and other doughy delights hes recently added to the First Avenue flagship. Now the executive pie-man has opened a new restaurant called Ovest Pizzoteca by Luzzo right in the middle of West 27th Streets Club Row, as if he were a budding Amy Sacco. The so-called pizzoteca (pizzeria, paninoteca, and enoteca all in one) actually opened on New Years Eve, but the wood-and-gas burning pizza oven (which sits opposite a cozy copper-topped dining counter) wont be up and running until this week (maybe today), which will make it official.

513 W. 27th St., nr. Tenth Ave.; 212-967-4392