Kenmare Shows Itself to World (As Does Naked Partier)

Photo: Cooper Marshall

The Cut has a report on the Purple magazine party at Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan’s Kenmare (you’ll recall Purple threw a party at the Beatrice in 2008 — but again, this is “not a new Beatrice”). Of course, some guy got naked and dripped candle wax on himself in return for a cigarette that he then accidentally burned himself with. Wait, really this isn’t the new Beatrice? Oh, but there was food: We hear chef Joey Campanaro prepared meatball sliders, risotto, artichoke heart salad, steak, and grilled swordfish for the occasion. Here’s a look at the restaurant’s exterior, complete with La Esquina/Indochine–esque neon signage.

Purple Magazine Dinner Results in Nudity, Hot-Wax Pouring [The Cut]