Julie Reiner and Donatella Arpaia Invite You to Their Oscar Parties

Photo: Courtesy of Mia Dona

Much like St. John Fritzell throwing an unlikely football party at Fort Defiance, fellow mixologist Julie Reiner is bringing a 52-inch flat-screen TV to Clover Club. Except its not for anything as low rent as sports, silly! Shes celebrating the Oscars. Reiner usually has a party at her house, but on March 7 at 7 p.m., shell roll out an actual red carpet in front of her handsome establishment (entrance is free, and youre encouraged to dress up) and serve special Champagne drinks like the La Rosa (tequila, amaro, strawberry syrup, and Mot Ros) and the Marquis No. 2 (pisco, lemon, raspberry, and Mot Ros). Caviar blini and truffle popcorn with Parmesan will also be available.

Across the bridge, another consummate hostess, Donatella Arpaia, will throw an Oscar party at Mia Dona. The $25 entry fee gets you two cocktails (including the blue Avatar), as well as a tasting menu that includes meatballs, mini panzarotti, mini white-bean bruschetta, and panna cotta with caramel sauce. Popcorn with edible Oscar-gold dust is also promised. (Publicists, be warned: This is the first and last time we plug an Avatar cocktail!)