John Blair Wants to Bring Back XL at $20 Million Gay Hotel

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Next recently published a sad map of Manhattan’s bygone gay bars, but here’s a ray of hope. According to Gay City News, an abandoned three-story building at 508 West 42nd Street is set to be converted into a $20 million full-service gay hotel that will include a restaurant and nightclub. The latter will be a reincarnation of John Blair’s XL, which closed some years ago after losing its lease — and make no mistake about it: Rather than pussyfooting around the fact that it will be a full-on nightclub, Blair is going for a cabaret license so that crowds of 750 can, like, actually dance.

But keep in mind, he’s pitching this to the community board that recently killed plans to revive the Roxy (where, coincidentally, Blair was a promoter). Doesn’t Blair know that in this day and age (and especially in Times Square) bowling alleys are the new dance clubs?

Life is a Cabaret License [Gay City News]