John Blair Wants to Bring Back XL at $20 Million Gay Hotel

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Next recently published a sad map of Manhattan’s bygone gay bars, but here’s a ray of hope. According to Gay City News, an abandoned three-story building at 508 West 42nd Street is set to be converted into a $20 million full-service gay hotel that will include a restaurant and nightclub. The latter will be a reincarnation of John Blair’s XL, which closed some years ago after losing its lease — and make no mistake about it: Rather than pussyfooting around the fact that it will be a full-on nightclub, Blair is going for a cabaret license so that crowds of 750 can, like, actually dance.

Photo: Patrick McMullan

But keep in mind, he’s pitching this to the community board that recently killed plans to revive the Roxy (where, coincidentally, Blair was a promoter). Doesn’t Blair know that in this day and age (and especially in Times Square) bowling alleys are the new dance clubs?

Life is a Cabaret License [Gay City News]