Joaquin Baca’s Brooklyn Star Is Damaged by Fire

Photo: Loaded Questions

Last night a tipster texted us, “Brooklyn Star just had a big fire.” He sends us more today: “By the time I got home (1 a.m. or so), the fire was out and there were a few people inside of the restaurant, which appears mostly undamaged. The windows in the apartments above it had some or all of their windows knocked out, tho, and a friend of mine who knows the person who lives above the kitchen says a hole was cut into their floor, and that there were something like 10 fire trucks there.” We haven’t been able to reach the restaurant (which, of course, is Joaquin Baca’s post-Momofuku solo endeavor) and a photo on Loaded Questions gives only the smallest glimpse of its condition.

Update: Joaquin Baca tells Eater that it will be a few months before he can reopen. Always Hungry ate at the restaurant hours before the fire and shares a review.