Jennie Garth Is Poised to Make 9,0210 Lettuce Puns


We’ve just gotten word that Ellen DeGeneres is the new spokeswoman for Vitaminwater Zero (the new no-calorie drink will get prominent placement during American Idol), but what’s all the more random is Jennie Garth of Beverly Hills 90210 teaching viewers how to “judge a veggie by its color” and “love a new veggie” in a series of videos that give Hidden Valley ranch dressing a crunchy, green aura. Click on the lettuce tab for “head” puns galore, and don’t miss advice on how to have a “healthy snack time” by mixing a packet of dip mix with sixteen ounces of cream cheese in order to create “glue” for veggie critters. Did you ever think you’d be getting gardening advice from Kelly Taylor?

Garden Party [Hidden Valley]