Reopening Reports: Teany Soon; Jane Ballroom Maybe Soon, Maybe Not

Photo: Courtesy of Jane Ballroom

While Kenmare tries to stay off the SLA’s radar, another tortured venue, the Jane Ballroom, is rumored to be reopening this week (it was closed owing to building-code violations in October).

The Dizzy Fizz hears from a source that “Sean MacPherson’s Ballroom is guaranteed to be back in business by Monday, March 1st. Reportedly, the Ballroom has undergone renovations to ensure that it is 100 percent up to city code.” Not true, say two different employees of the hotel, who declined to be named. The first person we talked to said it would be a few months — the second said that the time period was uncertain, but that it would certainly take longer than just a few days to continue “working out the last little bit of our issues.”

Meanwhile, Feast brings news of a reopening that actually will happen soon: Partner Naimm Okdamini reveals that Teany is just about fully recovered from the fire that shuttered it last June and will be selling vegan bagels again within seven to ten days.

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