How Josef Centeno’s Pig Trotters Were Born

Photo: Lazy Ox Canteen

Unique and universally-inspired tapas have made Lazy Ox Canteen the latest Downtown seat worth fighting for. But what spurred chef Josef Centeno’s shift from high-end restaurants like Opus, Lot 1, and Meson G to his own global izakaya in Little Tokyo? “My whole background is fine dining. But when I moved to L.A. I realized that fine dining wasn’t the way to go or the direction the diner wanted to go,” he tells Downtown News, “I thought that there’s got to be a way to cook at the same level and use the same ingredients and technique, but at a more approachable price range.” French country pig’s feet and beef neck a la taco truck soon were soon to follow.

The Year of the Ox [L.A. Downtown News]