Hill Country Ups the Ante on ‘Feed Your Face’ Challenge


We pretty much blocked Hill Country’s “Feed Your Face” challenge out of our mind after walking away from it with a hat, shirt, $65 of free food in our stomach, and equal measures of pride, shame, and pyrosis. But now here’s this Gothamist item telling us that a female competitive eater aced the challenge in, like, eight minutes. Obviously, some are finding the challenge more challenging than others, so before they get eaten out of house and home, Hill Country has taken the not all that surprising move of upping the portions (and price tag) so that you now have to pay $85 if you fail to eat three (instead of two) pounds of meat as well as a cupcake, a 32-ounce drink, and two medium (rather than small) sides. (Unfortunately, Hill Country wouldn’t let us photograph the platter.) As the competitive eater’s cakewalk (cupcakewalk?) indicates, we suspect the secret is in speed-eating right out of the gate and downing as much as possible before your stomach even has time to realize it’s full (not the way you want to eat dinner), but are we about to give it another go? No, sir. We’re fine with having an asterisk next to our name on the Wall of Cue.

Hill Country “Feed Your Face” Challenge Not Gluttonous Enough [Gothamist]