Health Recycles Recipes; FDA Reconsiders Serving Sizes


Health’s December issue recycled recipes from Real Simple. Both magazines are owned by Time Inc. [NYT]

• Greenpoint’s Automotive High School offers a class called “Food, Land, and You.” The students read Michael Pollan articles and take food trips to the Meat Hook. [NYT]

• Fast-food restaurants are “getting customers to think of them in a more positive light by accentuating cues like higher-quality menu items or lower-calorie fare,” according to an industry research company. [NRN]

• The FDA may change standard serving sizes to more accurately reflect how much Americans eat. [NYT]

• Wal-Mart may launch a line of private-label spices, which could be a big problem for McCormick. [WSJ]

• The Chinese government is searching for 100 tons of tainted milk powder that’s already on the market. [WSJ]

• In an effort to combat the Northeast’s crumbling dairy industry, some dairy farmers are banding together in co-ops. [NYT]

• Houston’s restaurant scene is gaining its own voice. [NYT]

• The USDA will tighten requirements on companies that provide meat for school lunches. [USA Today]

Health Recycles Recipes; FDA Reconsiders Serving Sizes