Get Some Tail: Luke’s Adds Clam Chowder and Lobster Tails

Get some tail.
Get some tail. Photo: Courtesy of Luke’s Lobster

Benjamin Conniff tells us the slowly evolving menu at Luke’s Lobster now includes lobster tails, the shack’s first foray into hot seafood. The cooked tails are split down the middle, heated on the grill, and then topped with lemon butter and seasoning. They go for $15 for three halves. What’s more, Maine favorite Portland Soup is now hooking them up with chowder made with clams from Portland Shellfish, the supplier owned by co-owner Luke Holden’s father. Cups go for $5.50 for a twelve ounce and $7 for a sixteen ounce.

If you still haven’t checked out Luke’s Lobster, you might want to consider buying an $18 ticket for “Taste of Seventh Street” — on February 27 and 28, that gets you a mini sandwich at Porchetta, a mini lobster roll at Luke’s, a choice of two cupcakes at Butter Lane, a smoothie at Xoom, and an arepa at Caracas. Go to Scoop St. to buy tickets before they sell out.