Fenton’s Finds Fame and Sales in Up Cameo

A Fenton's sundae
A Fenton’s sundae Photo: Clkemson via Flickr

A star was born when Oakland’s popular ice cream parlor, Fenton’s Creamery, popped up in animated form in the final scene of the film Up. A favorite neighbor of the Pixar team often used for family birthday parties, Fenton’s tells Vulture about the self-described “Up effect” on its sales. Owner Scott Whidden says, “When the movie first came out, it created an excitement locally and we got an increase in business…We noticed the Up effect again when the DVD came out.” Seeing kids steadily pull their parents into the store, Up’s recent Oscar nomination has Whidden ready for another new wave of customers, “It’s almost like we are winning a little something as well.”

Up’s Oscar Noms Will Mean More Business for the Movie’s Real-Life Ice-Cream Stop [Vulture]