Fashionistas Get a Glimpse of Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan’s Kenmare

Photo: Vogue

Paul Sevigny has revealed to us that that Kenmare, the Mediterranean restaurant he and Nur Khan are opening in the Civetta space, will open for previews during Fashion Week. “I wouldn’t even call it a soft opening,” he explained. “More than a few things aren’t finished. But we made a couple of commitments earlier on to friends and family, so we’re going to follow through with those. There’s not an exact [opening] date yet, but probably the end of February.” Don’t let the Fashion Week folks fool you, though; this isn’t the second coming: “It’s not a new Beatrice,” Sevigny said.

“We’re working on that. But first of all, there’s never going to be a new Beatrice. We never planned for there to be a Beatrice. Beatrice is not a franchise. Kenmare is a small neighborhood restaurant that’s going to cater to people who are hungry. That’s obviously something different than the Beatrice, I think.” A Vogue item (not online) promises “plastered walls, sage banquettes, and bursts of orange inspired by the Almafi Coast of the seventies,” and says Chloë Sevigny will be designing the uniforms.