Does Joe Dobias Want to Inflict Bodily Harm on Grub Street?

Photo: Courtesy of Joe Doe

Were starting to worry just a little bit about Joe Dobias, the aggressive American chef who lashed out at shithead bloggers after a couple of them gave him less than favorable reviews. Back then, he explained to us why he banned Eater from his eponymous restaurant: Instead of helping the people they should be helping (like you guys do at New York Magazine), Eater just likes to take people down. But now we, too, are in Joe Does crosshairs, as evidenced by multiple tweets mentioning Adam Platt and your humble narrator, Grub Street editor Daniel Maurer. Heres the most troubling of them, posted on Friday and now deleted: I was riding my bike and was hoping to see danny, just so I could run his ass down! No such luck.

Okay, we knew Joe Doe didnt like us anymore when he badmouthed us to a friend of ours at his restaurant (ah, the charm of the open kitchen!), and when he started replacing his usual tweets of F Eater with F D.M. and F Danny. We had to wonder what we did to become a bogeyman after all, we like what Joe Doe does: Weve shared news of his preopening menu, opening menu, cocktail menu, prix fixe menu, delivery menu, brunch menu, happy-hour menu, and Sunday-supper menu. Heck, we even praised its bacon-and-liver sandwich and his biscuits and gravy!

Sure, weve had some fun with the mans media persona: The headline Joe Doe Hits Television, Somehow Isnt Famous Yet may have been a little cheeky, but keep in mind it refers to someone who once wrote, I assure you you will make me famous and for that I love you little bloggers sticking together. So whats up with tweets like The rise continues thru the winter! F Danny! And Phil from Daddy-O in tonite! Great tuesday with another great biz owner for the gravy! F danny! And I hate when people say chief, guy, or hey u!? F danny. And JoeDoe is killing it! Sorry to those who wanted something different? Barnacles suck! Danny sucks!

Look, mantras are deeply personal things far be it from us to deprive a hardworking chef of saying F Danny instead of ohm if thats what helps him get through a long day. But do we really deserve to be run down by a bicycle? (At least we hope Joe Doe rides a bicycle getting hit by a Harley would definitely put our blogging arm in a sling.) Obviously Joe Doe is feeling a little stressed, so to ensure he makes it through the Valentines Day crush sane (Joe Doe has little patience for, say, the types who come to his restaurant just because they saw him on Chopped), wed like to offer him a massage. Thats right there are a few spots where we like to pamper ourselves after a hard day at our own thankless job (what, you thought being a barnacle was easy?). Sure, they're in Chinatown basements, but the zither music is relaxing enough. First twenty minutes are on us!

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