Dim Sum Truck Debuts This Weekend

Peking duck taco with a sweet pickled cucumber
Peking duck taco with a sweet pickled cucumber Photo: Dim Sum Truck

We learned some details about the Dim Sum Truck today from owner Alexander Chu, who introduced the concept in the V.I.P. section of this weekend’s Street Food Festival. Chu took a job serving dim sum while on summer break from U.S.C., followed by stints working at BLT Steak and Kitchen 24 and hopes to fulfill many eater’s dreams of “dim sum for dinner.” The truck is slinging shu mai, pork and pan fried chicken buns, and shrimp har gow, among other dumplings and goodies that are steamed daily. Chu has also cooked up a few of his own creations, honoring SoCal cuisine with Peking duck tacos and black bean tofu mulitas. A slideshow menu of the current planned eats are on the venture’s website, with Dim Sum truck previewing at a West L.A. party this weekend and soft-rolling next week. A full debut could be around the 27th or 28th, Chu thinks, but only his Twitter truly knows in the end.