Danny O Magically Turns Three Takeout Joints Into One

Photo: Daniel Maurer

After building a veritable drunk-food Bermuda triangle on MacDougal Street into which NYU frat boys could vanish, Danny O has closed two of his takeout joints and folded them into the third. As noted earlier, Red Basket (the fried-chicken place that replaced the hot-dog place) recently closed, and now so has Rino Ceronte. Except, the latter hasn’t really closed — last week it moved into what used to be Food Fight across the street, and the Food Fight, Rino Ceronte, and Red Basket menus are being offered there all at once. It remains to be seen what Danny O will do with the two vacant spaces, if he still has claim on them. Maybe tacos and pizza? “I’m at the Pizza Hut … I’m at the Taco Bell … ”